The World Of Aaron Pilgrims Arts
I was good at art at a young age, and luckily my primary school class teacher was an artist called Beryle Harrison.  At secondary school I managed to gain an ‘O’ Level in art.  Upon leaving school I didn’t draw or paint much for nine years.

I then had some art therapy and I could see a similarity between my drawing style and that of Vincent van Gogh.  As a result I regained my passion for art. 

I then became a good friend with a neighbour, her name was Jan and she was an art teacher at the prestigious Goldsmiths University.  Jan gave me good critic and we had friendly chats about art.

I then studied at Morely College in Westminster Bridge Road.  I was lucky to study there under Doughlas Druce.  Doughlas was in his senior years and had been taught as a young boy by an elderly pre-Raphaelite artist.  He as a result was passing on Victorian techniques to his students. 

I then found out about CoolTan Arts.  They are an arts charity in South London.  At CoolTan I have studied under some great art tutors learning a great deal.  I have created a lot of art work there and have been in many exhibitions though them.

I then met the great artist Leo Stevenson at his studio open day.  He kindly answered many questions about how he works & I learned a great deal about the tricks of the trade.

For the last year I've have been part of the CoolTan Arts poetry group.  

Recently, I have been writing a book called, 'Stories of art material history' & it will hopefully be published in September 2014 as an e-book.  All the money raised from this book is going to the charity Cooltan Arts.